Wednesday 18 June 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 35.2: Basketball Repack

And now, the much-hyped, super spectacular other side.

Kevin Love 2009 UD Sophomore Sensations - As with the top half, there's usually a pretty big name in the opening spot.
Bryan Edwards 1993 Classic Four Sport
Johnny Dawkins 1989 Hoops - My third Johnny Dawkins card in this repack.
Eric Montross 1994 UD
Olden Polynice 1990 Hoops
Rex Chapman 1990 Hoops
Derrick Coleman 1992 Fleer
Billy Owens 1992 Fleer
Anthony Avent 1992 UD
Muggsy Bogues 1992 Stadium Club - Muggsy is always a fun pull.
Joe Dumars 1991 Hoops
Derrick Chievous 1989 Fleer - Usually, the oldest card in the repack is a 1981/2 Topps. This was the one here. It's not as spectacular.
Paul Pressey 1992 Stadium Club
Mike Iuzzolini 1991 UD
Tom Hammonds 1991 Hoops
Tony Campbell 1993 UD
Litterial Green 1992 Classic Four Sport
Latrell Sprewell 1992 Classic Four Sport
Terrell Brandon 1991 Fleer
Anderson Varejao 2004 Press Pass - I took a quick look at the card and thought it was a WNBA card.
Chris Corchiani 1991 UD
Dave Johnson 1992 Classic Four Sport
Derrick McKey 1993 Topps
Anthony Avent 1992 Stadium Club
Tim Breaux 1994 Skybox - I find the stats on this card interesting, since it is a 1994 card, but there are no stats since 1992. And the fact the text mentions something called the Rocky Mountain Summer Revue. But he came to the Rockets ar rhe right time and picked up a championship  ring for the season.
Tim Burroughs 1992 Classic Four Sport
Randolph Keys 1990 Hoops
Anthony Bowie 1992 UD
Voshon Lenard 1998 UD
Larry Johnson 1992 UD McDonald's - Any card that comes free with a Happy Meal is automatically a great card.
Dennis Rodman 1995 Skybox
Alex Wright 1993 Classic Draft Picks - Imagine my disappointment that this wasn't the card of a dancing German wrestler.
Dyron Nix 1990 Skybox
Julius Hodge 2005 Sage
Loy Vaught 1996 Fleer
Vlade Divac 1990 Skybox
Sean May 2005 Sage
Kenny Gattison 1994 UD
Paul Pressey 1990 Hoops
Rony Seikaly 1990 Skybox
Chris Smith 1992 Classic Four Sport - I expected a pile of 1990 Hoops in this half of the repack. I sure wasn't expecting Classic Four Sport to be the most prominent.
Mark Jackson 1995 Hoops
Houston Rockets TC 1990 Skybox
Stacey King 1993 Ultra
Sidney Lowe 1989 Hoops - Much like the Breaux, another card with a big gap in years in the stats.
Michael Adams 1990 Hoops
Alec Kessler 1991 UD - It took 99 cards, but this one is my favourite photo in the repack.
Lebron James 2004 Freshman Season - And it closes out with another major name.

Can't complain about the contents here. Except the lack of Raptors.

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