Friday 27 June 2014

Just One Pack - 2014 Bowman Football

I'll try a pack of everything, especially if you get a decent number of cards in the pack. I didn't see any base packs of Bowman (if there even are any), so I picked up a jumbo instead. I'm pretty much sure I'm going to limit this to just one pack, as collating this set would be a nightmare. The rookies and veterans are separate, but there is nothing to distinguish them in the numbering scheme from the others. Baseball has the BP prefix, but not with football.

First card out:

LaMarcus Joyner - The good is that although the college logos are 'shopped out, at least the team logos appear, and the background is the colours of the team that drafted them. I also like both the football logo and the RC logo.
Jerome Smith
Charles Sims
Gabe Jackson - Now I have a football player I can send cards of when I send PWEs on the way to the clubhouse. He's an OL guy, so he might not have too many cards over his career.
Dominique Easley
Bradley Roby
Kyle Van Noy
Taylor Lewan - More OL guys, with this one destined for someone that can never have Too Many Manninghams.
Jarvis Landry - Here is the start of a run of 4 black parallels. The colours really work nicely here.
Michael Sam
Silas Redd
Stephon Tuitt
Andre Ellington - And here is the start of the base. Much like with Score, some rather unspectacular photo choices in these.
Jordan Cameron
Eddie Lacy
Matthew Stafford
Terrelle Pryor
LeSean McCoy
Knowshon Moreno
Andre Williams refractor auto - I can't complain about pulling an on-card auto from my only pack. He was picked by the Giants in the 4th round.
Yawin Smallwood black refractor
Terrence Williams black refractor - The best photo from the pack is one of the refractors. Even if it is a Cowboy.
Isaiah Crowell Bowman mini - I'm glad to post this just so I can put it away and not have it fall out of the bunch of cards everytime I pick it up.
Jake Locker
Russell Wilson - Wrapping up with two more black parallels.

So. This pack was opened. It contained cards. And that's about as deep as I'll get with this pack. And just like with the Score, any Bills cards were not to be seen.

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  1. Wow, that's some...well, I won't say nice, but that's definitely some airbrushing there, jeez. Congrats on nabbing an auto, though.