Tuesday 17 June 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 35.1: Basketball Repack

It is a two repack day, as I work my way into a 100 card basketball repack. The first 50 today. The second 50 whenever.

Carmelo Anthony 2004-05 UD Rivals - One of the strange things about these is that despite the fact these are sealed so no cards are visible, the first card on either side tends to be a pretty decent name.
Sam Perkins 1996 Finest - Finest isn't considered the super high end stuff it once was, but they are still nice pulls.
Antoine Carr 1993 Topps
Mike Brown 1994 UD
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf 1993 Fleer
Alaa Abdelnaby 1993 UD - I'm not sure if it #1, but Alaa will always be a contender for my favourite NBA name.
Johnny Dawkins 1994 UD
Buck Williams 1995 UD
Eric Riley 1993 Classic - Another card reserved for TMM.
Ricky Pierce 1996 Stadium Club
Thurl Bailey 1990 Fleer
Jeff Hornacek 1994 SP
Fred Roberts 1990 Hoops
Terry Catledge 1990 Hoops
Nazr Mohammed 1998 Press Pass
Johnny Dawkins 1992 UD Checklist - A painted card! WOO-HOO! Even if it is among my least favourite uniforms ever.
Kevin Johnson 1992 UD
John Battle 1992 Topps
Latrell Sprewell 1993 Topps All-Rookie
Kevin Johnson 1992 UD Checklist - A second painted card! WOO-HOO!
John Stockton 1993 Topps 20 Assist Club
Larry Hughes 1998 Topps
Mary T. Meagher 1987 Bluegrass State Games - Your official WTF card of the repack. Mary was a swimmer, not a basketball player, so this is definitely an oddball.
Tommy Kearns 1989 North Carolina's finest
Michael Cage 1993 UD
Jeff Hornacek 1998 UD Hardcourt - I wouldn't expect to find a card from this rather interesting set in a repack.
Josh Grant 1993 Ultra
Shawn Bradley 1993 Fleer
Charles Barkley 1990 Fleer
Ron Harper 1993 Ultra
Sam Cassell 1993 Ultra
Sedale Threatt 1991 UD - Another NBA name I just love.
Nick Anderson 1994 UD Special Edition - Pregame stretching doesn't make enough card appearances. For all sports.
John Long 1990 Skybox
Shawn Kemp 1990 Hoops
Allan Houston 1993 Fleer
Keith Jennings 1991 Fleer
Greg Minor 1994 Fleer
Frank Brickowski 1990 Hoops
Mark West 1992 UD
Jud Buechler 1992 UD
LaPhonso Ellis 1992 UD - I love pulling the Denver Nuggets cityscape uniforms. I'm also pleasantly surprised by all the UD stuff in the first half. I'm expecting a wall of Hoops 1990 on the other side.
Antoine Carr 1990 Skybox
Mark Macon 1993 UD
Steve Nash 2003 Fleer Platinum - Cancon! WOO-HOO!
And my promised 5 rookie cards.
Greg Oden 2007 Topps Orange
Nenad Krstic 2004 Fleer Tradition
Dwight Howard 2004 Fleer Tradition - I know it is only Fleer, but I'm amazingly surprised that the Dwight Howard is one of these. The rest are fairly standard for this type of product, though.
Delonte West 2004 Fleer Tradition
Antawn Jamison 1999 Collector's Edge

50 cards down and a lot of keepers. A great start to the repack. And I'm saying this about a repack that didn't produce a single Raptors card

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