Monday 31 July 2023

Prospecting on a Budget

Buying a hobby box of anything Bowman (except maybe Bowman's Best), is well out of my price/sanity range. Elite Extra Edition is just right. 
I actually busted this a couple of months back. I'm not too sure why I waited so long to show it off. Laziness? Let's go with that. The 5 packs of 5 cards each contain 2 hits, either a relic or auto, and 3 base cards/parallels/inserts. many of which are numbered.

Pack 1:
Not only was the Galiz /183 not numbered to a Prime Number (3*61), none of the cards from a Prime Numbers parallel set was. At least this one wasn't numbered to an even number or something ending in 5. Dylan Beavers is an Orioles prospect - and I assume the one most likely to get juvenile laughs when he's announced for an at bat. Cristian Perez is only 16 - he'll have plenty of time to develop a completely illegible signature. 

Pack 2:
The Decade parallels are stamped to /999, but all the ones available at COMC are defined by them as /203. Oddness like that definitely adds some charm to this set. I did have to look to make sure that Nazier Mule is pronounced in the far more flattering two-syllable manner (MEW-lay) that the one-syllable manner that I'll presume hecklers use. 

Pack 3:
Alright! First Jays card of the box! That Jackson Cox photo gives the vibe of a photo of that was snapped by a stalker. At least the colours go with the Rockies, and I'm trusting enough to believe that isn't a photoshop job. Kumar Rocker's on-card autograph is probably the biggest name that I landed an auto from in this. It pairs nicely with the Mets card I got of him earlier this year from last year's release. Appropriately, this patch card is a red parallel - perfect for an Angels card. 

Pack 4:
Jomphy De La Cruz is a great baseball name. So is Colby Thomas, to be honest. It might be slightly abbreviated, but Gabriel Hughes probably has the nicest signature aesthetically of anybody else in the box. 

Pack 5:
Cade Doughty is a Blue Jays prospect, so despite that LSU logo, it is totally a Blue Jays binder addition. That Lampe /999 is, technically, the only actual base card in the entire box.  I guess if I'm going to get a one-colour swatch from this product, getting one of a hyped up prospect is the way to go. And my final auto? At least it looks interesting, even if I doubt HPatt will become a thing.

But there you have it!


  1. Pretty impressive ratio of autos to relics.

    I had pretty much decided that Kumar Rocker was going to be a Mets favorite of mine until they ended up not signing him.

  2. Prospecting isn't my thing, but glad you got some cards out of it. Thanks for showing them off!