Tuesday 11 July 2023

Birthday Girl


Last year at this time, I posted a picture of Mischief for her second birthday, along with a couple of folks that shared the day with her. I then expressed no interest in a birthday binder for her.

It is more of a birthday slider box now. Hopefully, I'll have the fortitude to keep it that way. 

But here's the contents of that box. Since Mischief is a little girl, I'll start with the distaff content!

Quite the diverse group. While I do also have a hockey gold medalist in mine (Milan Hejduk), and a Bond Secretary (Lois Maxwell) in mine, I don't have any Nobel Peace Prize winners. I'm not going to read everything, but I don't think I have any cards that include the word 'Plucky' such as on Cheryl Ladd's. The only one missing from this is another Olympic medalist - Hilary Knight, who I'll probably find in a dime box at some point to make a scanner bed friendly 9.
Last year, when I posted this, I implored that you not send me any cards that fall into this category - I don't want to make a PC of this. That doesn't apply to folks that would already land in one of my PCs, but those would more likely end up in those. This is my first Jerry Ostroski card either in this, or my Bills collection. Also: O PEE CHEE baseball!
The offspring of a Jays legend don't really count. "2014 Will Be First Season as Pitcher" is certainly a more unique phrase on a card than even 'Plucky'.

Vintage!  I Love that '69 Topps football design.
Faux vintage!
Unique photos might be the other exception to the 'Don't send me" rule. I love weather cards, and seeing snow on a card is even more interesting when they feature a southern team like Tampa. 
Naturally, some hits and low-numbered cards are in the collection. It is Samuel Morin on that dual relic card that is the 7/12 baby. This is the second autograph of Gordon Pinsent, who passed away earlier this year, that I've shown off here. He was a legend in Canadian TV - he deserves more than one appearance. Nathan Lukes is now with the Jays, and this specific card from 2017 is a Future Threads Silhouettes Autographs Red version of the card. That specific card of Dan Boyle has also appeared here before, but I've since added a second one to keep that collection intact. 
I really didn't have anywhere else to show off a Brock Lesnar card, so it stands alone here.
Unlike with the Lesnar, where else would a card of Sy Berger go but among the baseball portion. The New Jersey Jackals, who more specifically play out of Paterson, are probably the most obscure team in this collection with that Peter L'Italien. 
As with my 2/14 collection, basketball is the smallest portion of the collection, but they still manage to lead soccer's zero. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is easily the biggest current name from the sporting world in this collection. He's also part of my Canadians in the NBA mini collection, so he's the third exception to the "Don't flood me with their cards" rule.
Football gives me another chance to show that it wasn't just baseball that was hit with garish designs in 1995 by Fleer. 
Like with my collection, ease of acquiring content probably makes hockey the most prevalent in the collection. Even if there really isn't too much NHL stardom among the ranks. 
Who's the biggest name in the collection? Meloche? Semenko? Maybe it will turn out to be Tristan Bertucci, a 2nd round draft pick of the Dallas Stars, and the youngest member of this binder. At least it makes it cheap to acquire their cards. 

Which I absolutely do not want to do.

Here's another picture of Mischief, post-haircut, to wrap things up. 

Don't send me cards for this. DON'T!