Wednesday 5 July 2023

Packs from the Dollar Store

 The Dollar Tree doesn't have repacks, but actual packs. Let's sample a couple!

These will do fine. Wasn't I just complaining about a couple posts back about not being able to find Big League? I was just looking in the wrong store!

I really wasn't expecting too much from the photo choices, but I really like seeing the grass coming up on the Mooney card. Sometimes, the simple can be the best. These are all base cards. For some reason the rookies are foil-y while the veterans aren't.
These promise one yellow parallel per pack. While these tend to have bright yellow borders in other releases, here you just get a little big of foil. At least this card of a Michigan alum will find a nice home after I send out my next mailer to Ann Arbor.

Big League provided some base cards to fill out a couple future mailers, but that Buxton was definitely unexpected. since that is a Rare Blue Foil base SP. They're one-per-box in the regular release, but in dollar store packs, they're 1:40 packs.  That's definitely a pack that punched above its weight. 

Trade filler, an interesting photo and a tough pull. I'll take it!

There you have it!

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  1. I haven't seen packs at the Dollar Tree since before the pandemic. I also missed out on Big League so maybe I'll have to take a closer look there! Nice cards.