Friday 7 July 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 20: Hockey Hat Trick


That means 3 hockey hangers in a single post! 
Even if I limit my choices to the cards visible on the pegs, I'll gravitate towards one with a new mask binder card. I haven't bought too much of 22-23 cards outside of 2/14/Sens/Rangers alum PCs, so this really might be the first one I've pulled from any pack of any sort this year.
Not too much variety so far - at least the Brashear comes from a set that isn't too common in repack land. 2020 UD could take the 1990 Bowman role this time - there's a lot of them in the first two of these.
As uncommon as 2005 Parkhurst is, it isn't close to as uncommon as 2003 Original Six Parkhurst - which is what that Lach comes from. A nice, fairly random card of a Hall of Famer! What more could I want from a repack?
Avalanche hot repack, at least among the two visible cards.
22-23 S1 starts off the second one with a less-intriguing, at least to me, photo.
The first 5 hidden cards has the exact same make-up as the first repack. 2 1991 Score. 2 2021 UD. And a random cards from the 2000s. Cool photo, though! Despite being a repeat card, that is also an interesting photo on Zibanejad's card.
Another Parkhurst O6 card! I'm probably going to end up enjoying these cheaper repacks a lot more than the ones with the actual guaranteed hit in it. Probably becomes even more likely with that ice-level angle on the Bjork photo.
Mike Smith's "Coyote catching Road Runner" mask remains one of my favourite masks in recent memory. A great finale to the second repack!
OK, Patrick. What are you hiding?
Fortunately, scanning was easy because the hit was perfectly in the middle. There's a trade tree element to this. Laine was traded for Pierre-Luc Dubois who was just traded for a group that included Gabe Vilardi. His photo, with teammates behind him during warm-up, is one of only a handful of interesting base photos in the dreary 21-22 release. Just plain BLAH. 
The hit! Winchester did have a respectable career in the NHL of almost 400 games, and he's now an assistant coach at the University of Wisconsin. At least it isn't one of those umpteen e-pack relics I can get for $1 at COMC. 

Jarrod Skalde, seen in the first group of 9, was a part of that Memorial Cup winning team. That's kinda like doubling up. Kevin Brown, seen here with Detroit Jr. Red Wings, would play for Los Angeles, getting there several seasons before the baseball player of the same name. Grillo would not play in the NHL, but he's an agent now, and got on the ice when the Knights raised the Cup. Unless you want to be really depressed, don't search for what Joe Murphy's been up to.

And that's that. More 21-22 boredom.

There were far more notable cards in the 12-card repacks vs the big one. I probably should have just picked up a few more of those off the pegs at the Dollarama.

There you have it!

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  1. I think of your posts every time I'm in Dollarama and almost end up with a few packs. Haven't given in to temptation yet, but I don't know if I can hold out forever!