Friday 21 July 2023

The Familiar Faces of 2/14 Hockey

 I'll be spending time today with the 2/14 binder, and all the hockey content in the to-be-posted box.

I remain the tcdb user with the most cards of Matt Campanale. It really isn't close - with these 2 I now have more than double the number of second place, with 15 cards to their 7. On the left is a black rainbow parallel /100, one of the rarer pulls at the time in OPC. A minor-league card of the now-defunct Elmira Jackals joins it, meaning that both my collection and Mischief's collection now have a card of a team named the Jackals in it. 

Sure, these e-pack exclusive silver parallels scan horribly, but it is all about the numbers at this point as the possibility of new cards of Brandon Sutter is practically zero.

Colby Barlow debuted in the collection recently as the youngest member of the collection. His presence had me paying attention to the first round of the NHL draft, where he was a projected pick. And it was 18th overall where he showed up, on his way to Winnipeg. I'll probably still be waiting a bit for official NHL cards though.
A Jets draftee is a perfect lead-in to the numbers winner for this post - Nikolaj Ehlers' 8 new cards. All but one of these are cards I got cheaply at COMC due to e-packs, except for the Sub-Zero card in the middle of the top row. That's a short-print retro parallel from 2017-18 Ice. Retro in this case meant a lengthy flashback to 2015-16. 2015-16 Upper Deck Ice didn't have a Sub-Zero insert set. 

The back of the card says it was from the 17-18 release, so it isn't one of the cases of UD not having the card available so that they're inserted in a future release. So, WHY?

Either way, Ehlers' cards finally reach triple digits with 102 total cards in the binder. 

There you have it!

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