Thursday 27 July 2023

The Familiar Faces of 2/14 Remaining

 I've done baseball and hockey, but don't have enough of the other categories to make a solo post for them. So, they're all in this one.

Picking a Bills card to lead out is an easy decision for me. But when you also have some Jim Kelly cards to choose from, and the film strip gimmick is a good tie-breaker. 
These are the two Jim Kelly cards I opted for the Bledsoe over. I guess I have to wax nostalgic every time I post a card from SP Authentic about how UD used to work colour into the base design and now they go for the dullest backgrounds available. The Prizm is from the most recent release. I don't have the base card yet, but have this parallel.
Shiny die-cut! As bland as SPA is from year-to-year, Crown Royale is another very repetitive set from year-to-year. They'll switch it up by swapping between a horizontal and vertical layout, but there really isn't that much other than that. Still, +1 McNair.
Despite the Hackenberg threw as many passes in the NFL as I have, I still feel comfortable calling the football portion the exclusive domain of the QB in this post. Because some sets are odd, both these cards are considered to be a base card. With a career that didn't come close to living up to that one would expect with # of cards available, adding interesting cards of his should remain an inexpensive proposition.
I've now tripled my Jaden Schackelford content! And now I've got one that is from a licensed release too! He still hasn't played a minute in the NBA (He's in the Thunder system) but he still has a lot of cards out there. 
With so many cards available out of a pair of extremely properties, it isn't surprising that Danai Gurira rules the catch-all miscellaneous portion of the collection. Michonne is so popular, that even her katana from The Walking Dead gets a card dedicated to it. Her card out of the Wakanda Forever release shows that it isn't just hockey players that get cards that fall into the "cheap because of e-pack" category. 
Anton Lesser's appearance in Game of Thrones provides more potential for cards from another populat show. Also, this card is SO metal! The scratch is on my ancient scanner. This might also be the first metal card in the collection. 

There you have it!

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