Tuesday 18 July 2023

Sportlots Miscellany

I've been slowly putting together a 1992 Archives Basketball set through Sportlots. As of now - only 1 card to go - the Jordan that I'm guessing flea market sellers pay a premium for to flip as his "rookie" card to gullible buyers. To get to the next shipment threshold, I'd add various cards that interested me. Here are some of them.

Blue Cubbies uniforms! Bat rack! "Now With" on O-Pee-Chee! 3 strikes and you're added into the miscellaneous binder!

Now there's some headgear you don't see very much of on cards. Tocchet sported this after a Mario Lemieux shot broke his jaw. He missed one game. 

I barely remember Jacob Brumfield's time with Toronto. Thankfully, I have garish cards to remind me of that. 

Kicker card!
Even better - they were able to fit almost two decades worth of stats, a brief paragraph and a different photo on the back of the card. 
Here's a couple 2/14 guys to end this. The Jim Kelly is a sticker insert from 1995 Collector's Choice. It is a 90 card set, with 30 solo cards and 60 4-in-1 cards, but 3 of those 30 stickers feature 2/14 babies - McNair and Bledsoe join Jim Kelly there. And Jeff Graham is one of the players on the multiple player/logo stickers.

Yes. I want all of them.

Muresan appearing in a block-themed subset might be the least surprising subset that he's been in. 

There you have it!

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