Friday 14 July 2023

New Faces

 Coming off one birthday post, here's another, with some of the new members of the collection.

Here's somebody that is likely going to jump from zero well into the double digits as the season progresses. The top wide receiver draft pick this season will probably be making multiple appearances in every release. I've already got a bunch on their way out of a group break of Chronicles Draft where I got the Seattle spot. But that climb has to start somewhere, and this card starts the Jaxon Smith-Njigba portion.
Soccer provides something else new in the collection beyond the name - my first card featuring someone representing a Portland team. Even if Ebobisse's birth date is an error on the card back - it is the 13th there. It has been corrected.

Other North American cities without an appearance yet include Orlando, Las Vegas and Edmonton. 
Shiny stickers count too! 
I've already crossed the Atlantic, so let's go across the Pacific as well! While both of these players did make appearances in the 2021 release, I opted to go for 2022 for the Mogi for the simple reason that the helmet logo of the Eagles is so great, how could I not choose a card that showcased it so nicely? 
With Dylan O'Rae and Ethan Small both making appearances in 2023 releases, I guess I might be a Brewers team collector this year. I'll look past the sketchy Photoshop job for the uniform. And the best thing is that if I come across dupes, they can go into my CanCon collection. He was the first Canadian drafted in 2022, going in the third round.
Throw in an autograph too! He may only use his initial the first name, but I can still parse what is there. And that's enough to make it a good autograph for me. Would it be pedantic of me to point that 160 isn't an appropriate number for a card to be numbered to in a set named "prime numbers"? 
Not even close! BOOOOO!

But there you have it!

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