Monday 24 July 2023

The Familiar Faces of 2/14 Baseball

 Much like with the recent hockey post, here's some new 2/14 content for that collection, this time with baseball content of people that have been here before.

The only hit in this post is my opener. I'll have plenty more opportunities to add more Ethan Small autographs in the collection as the season goes forward. He has autos in Finest. He's on the base checklist for Chrome. And will probably also be in a bunch more. But it has to start somewhere, and it is with this one from the uncreative Baseball Stars insert.

With only one appearance for 3 innings and a 15 ERA this year, adding more shouldn't be an expensive thing.
It would have been so nice to add Gabriel Moreno cards over a long career with the Blue Jays. Alas, the trade winds blew out to Arizona, and I now have to hunt down Diamondbacks cards of his. This also might not be too costly, as Corbin Carroll is grabbing the rookie attention out there, allowing his stuff to be a little more unnoticed. 
Leaving the one-and-done players behind, here's someone with a trio of cards. That is the gold parallel /2022 for Pivetta, as opposed to the umpteen other gold parallels that permeate other releases. With the City Connect jersey, the great use of a horizontal layout and the Monster scoreboard, that base card immediately becomes one of my favourite photos in the baseball section of the collection. Still, the Heritage base was pack-pulled, and that's a factor hard to defeat.

A prospect not reaching the majors makes for inexpensive parallel acquisitions as well. These bump the Ian Clarkin content to 20 cards and a tie for the lead in Clarkin card ownership at COMC. The green is /150, with the blue being /399.

At least Yermin reached the big leagues and had a nice run to start before his return to earth. That means many more chances for cards from non-prospect releases. Including Cosmic Haze Prizm parallels. Because those are a thing. These 7 make Mercedes the numbers man in this post, and moving him to 26 total cards. 

There you have it!

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