Saturday 29 April 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 15: Tinny Tinny Tin!

 There were a few more of these the last I was at Wally World. The last one was nice enough, so let's do another one of these.

Here's the tin in question.

And I got the 1 of 2 Mystery item bonus! It came as you see it here, with a $10 price tag on the sleeve. I have a hard time believing that someone charged $10 for that at one point. When I checked on COMC, one was available for $3.25.
Here's the packs that were underneath the relic card.

I really wasn't up to scanning everything in the packs, so I'll just hit the highlights. And the 17-18 pack was the best for that with some really nice photo choices, especially the off-ice content. 
As expected from that line-up, the Score pack was the dullest one in the bunch. But at least it really had some star power.
A couple celebration photos made the 19-20 pack interesting. Having the disappointed opponents in the background makes the Sissons shot even better.
And as long as they aren't overdone, face-off photos can be the most interesting ones out there. So simple, yet so intense.

There you have it!

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