Monday 17 April 2023

Mailbag: Basketball from Dennis @ too Many Verlanders

 Yet another mailer so enormous, I'm breaking it down into at least 4 separate posts. Hoops up first!

A relic opens this post. While 'photoshoot-worn' relics aren't exactly the best option, this is a pretty nice choice from that genre of cards. If you're gonna have a throwback Raptors jersey, let's see a swatch with a portion of the Raptor itself on the card. So much better than a plain white swatch.

The Raptor is also hiding on this card, but it gets blocked out by Joey Graham, but not his signature. With a handful of legible letters in his signature, he's still among the more legible signers of (at the time) active players.

In case Dennis was worried that I'd miss the Joey Graham content in this bubbler, this was also in there. Measuring in at the same size as a standard 8.5*11 piece of paper, this is now the largest card in my collection, easily passing some of my 5*7 box toppers.  I now regret not picking up a suitable binder page while at the LCS this past weekend.
At least these will fit in the standard binder pages.
'twas not all Raptors in the basketball portion. Here's a new Steve Nash for my Canadians in the NBA collection.
And as the finale, 3 new Richard Hamiltons for the 2/14 binders. The encased card will likely be freed from its magnetic prison sooner rather than later, as it is far easier to store them like that in a binder home. I'm sure to find a nice new card worthy of the magnetic.

With the football, the Mets and the Jays content, there should be at least 3 more posts to go over the next couple weeks to completely recap the mailer. 

There you have it!


  1. I'm glad to see that package arrived since the tracking never updated to indicate that it was delivered!

  2. Nice Rips, especially the encased Pristine card!