Wednesday 26 April 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 14: The Remainder

 What else was in that repack that had that more-interesting than it appeared MacTavish card?

Here's your opener.
And your first batch of base cards. That first line is a really solid grouping of players, and you know it is solid when the least impressive name of the four is Tom Barrasso. The MacKinnon comes out of the Canadian Tire exclusive Coast-to-Coast release. Even if it isn't a food issue, it is still a pretty fun card from outside the mainstream. The bottom row? Blah, even if we have a solid design with 1992 Ultra.
A quick diversion from junk wax era before a return with a pair of cards with very, and slight less notable peeling. It is perfectly acceptable to throw out cards like that instead of putting them in repacks. There's the card from last post, in all its bland front photo-ness, hiding the rarity of the photo on the back.
And the hit! At least it isn't a plain white swatch! But you can tell why I was far more interested in another card in this repack.

That Kotsopoulos card might be one of the more laughable examples of air-brushing out there. I hope it was worth it to commemorate his 2 games with Detroit. If you were more interested in a MacTavish card where he's helmetless in both photos, there you go! And the finale is one of my favourite Ottawa Senators base cards. Not only do you have a rather unique photo, you also have Daniel Alfredsson's retired #11 visible in the rafters to make it an even better card.

With the MacTavish, the Kotsopoulos and the Brassard, maybe there were three cards in here more interesting than the hit!

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