Monday 24 April 2023

Pre-repack repacked card

 I was going to do one of those hanger+hit repacks today, but found one of the non-hits in the repack so interesting, I wanted to give it a post of its own.

Sure, this might look like a rather bland entry out of 1990 UD.

But this one is all about the back.
I'm not going through every image of every card Craig MacTavish had, but here is some cardboard proof that, at least at one point in his cardboard career, wore a helmet during a game. 

Even a 1990 card with a probably print run of several million can be interesting. 


  1. Wow, I never noticed that before. Wonder why MacT decided to wear a helmet for this - and why he didn't keep wearing one.

  2. Can't believe it took three decades for me to see this card and photo. Very cool. I wonder what made him decide which games to wear a helmet.