Monday 3 April 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 11 - Another Hanger with a Hit


This one isn't the usual 'straight from the source' repack. This one was from the 7-11. Meaning I pulled this off the rack based on the alternate jersey photo on the card. How will the "interesting card on top" method work out this time?

Based on the first 8 cards - not so well. The most interesting thing is Ron Tugnutt's "i just got traded" gear. 
The next 7 are a little more interesting - we've got a Stadium Club, even if it is a rather dull Patrick Stefan appearance. And there's also some horizontal fun. 
And the hit. Oh boy. I couldn't even tell you without looking if he was still in the league at this point. After looking, it seems he's played 2 games with Edmonton this season, and many more in the AHL. On the bright side, at least this card wasn't one of the hits in an actual box of SP Game Used. 
Your finale. At least there's a couple interesting photos here with a couple of celebratory ones. The Dave Ellett comes from an era where there really weren't too many of those on cards, and Arturi is celebrating a goal with his teammates nicely framed on the bench behind him. If it weren't for the hit, there would be back-to-back Whalers content too.

A few nice base cards, but boy, did the "interesting photo on front" fail me here. 


  1. Knights, Thrashers, and Whalers in the same pack. That's pretty cool. Just need a Kraken card and a Nordique lol.

    The Benson hit is nice, but I didn't know he was still in the league, either.

  2. Some decent cards there but for me, any Oilers hit is a nice hit.