Sunday 16 April 2023

Many Mets

I'm not feeling too verbose this morning, so just some random Mets cards to show off. 

Most of these cards are from LCS sources. Except this one. This was a COMC card, acquired when I realized my team collection was far less colourful without a card of a guy named Ambiorix Concepcion. The numbering and the lamentable spring-training jersey are bonuses. He'd appear in zero MLB games.
The mid 2000s were just a little over-represented among the LCS acquisitions. At least Nimmo's presence on that Chrome card means there's one person here in this grouping of 18 cards that is still active with the Mets. Not even Pedro, let alone David Newhan can make that jersey look good. Carlos Beltran gets the perfect bunting photo for his UD card, and that makes it my favourite card in this grouping.
And what better way to end a post than some O-Pee-Chee cards?

There you have it.

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