Sunday 23 April 2023

Mailbag: Football from Dennis @ too Many Verlanders


Back to the mailbag today, and some Bills/2-14 gridiron guys for those various binders. Here's one that would be perfect for either collection - a sweet little acetate beauty of Jim Kelly. It's /3000 too!
Three things about Trent Edwards.

1) He wasn't as nightmarish as JP Losman
2) He wasn't as nightmarish as Nathan Peterman
3) Nice penmanship! And check out who was sent along with him on the next card. At least his autograph costs have returned to a less ghoulish level.
I would have bet that I already had that Andre Reed in my collection. Nope! Just all the others in that insert set - Thomas, Kelly & Smith. Cardale made a grand total of 1 appearance for the Bills, but that's still one more than a guy you'll see later in the 2/14 portion of this post. The X-Fractor of Stevie Johnson looks like it should be a numbered card, but it isn't. Spiller is though, that Power Formulas is /999. Jim Kelly's card is an easy addition to the Bills binder - it is a 2/14 dupe. The lead-in card goes to the birthday binder. Let's keep things even!
The only Bills hit - this quad relic of Sammy Watkins. If you're going to put four windows on a card, at least make one of them a different colour. 

I can pretend that this is a Bills swatch and call this the perfect choice as I switch from the Bills portion to the 2/14 portion.
Let's see a few more Bledsoes. That garish little number on the left is /50, and that does really feel like a card that should be numbered that low. In the middle is a metallic card to put some weight into the collection.
Here's the guy who I referenced earlier. He was a 2nd rounder that flopped out of the league without ever taking a snap. But as a 2nd round QB, that still meant he'd appear in many, many sets throughout the year. I can't imagine buying a high-end box of something like National Treasures, and having him as your RPA. But I'll take advantage of that, and add some nice stuff to that collection for a low cost.
And here's a few more relics to wrap this up. 

There you have it!

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  1. Love that Kelly insert and the Clowney patches are cool, but the Damar auto is impressive! I didn't know he had any auto RCs but I knew that all of his cards were insanely priced for a while.