Monday 10 April 2023

Commence Set Build! (Maybe?)


I haven't decided for sure whether or not I'll be building the OPC set this year (I'll say it is 50/50 right now), but that indecision won't stop be from picking up 4 fat packs from Wally World. 
The base design - pretty much what you expect. Generic photo, basic design. But you really aren't expecting anything else.
The backs, again, are what one would expect. While the 13 season cut-off works nicely for PK Subban's finale, it doesn't work for someone like Corey Perry with 17 seasons and counting.
The retros are super colourful this year, with 4 different design options throughout the 600 card parallel set. They took the small sunbursts you see on the borders and made them 'retro'. I'm kinda looking forward to how these translate to Platinum later this release year.
There's no guarantee of anything beyond base cards and 3 parallels per fat pack, but I still got a couple. The Premier remains a giant waste of space that could be taken up by something that could build a set, but at least they're full-sized this year and easier to store
Since I might not be building the base set, I can also focus on cards for the various PCs. There's the expected 2/14 guys in here (Mrazek & Ehlers), but I struck out on those. But 5 Sens cards is definitely above what is expected out of 4 packs. Also - my first Jake Sanderson card. WOO-HOO! 

And a pair of Rangers alum as well. I really should have gone over the checklist to see how close I was to the average. 

Now to try and talk myself out of a couple hobby boxes.

There you have it!


  1. They changed the card stock on the regular OPEECHEE cards (to white) and only the Retros have the old fashion brown card stock

  2. Haven't been into hockey cards much recently but those are pretty neat, especially the retros. Might have to look for singles and whatnot if/when I ever get to a card show.