Saturday 1 April 2023

Chroncling Wrestlemania Weekend with a Blaster

 Like I'm going to pass on a wrestling release of one of my favourite products. This is probably the closest I'll ever come to busting a wrestling repack.

Your box! As I start typing this up on the Friday, only Lashley does not appear to have a match scheduled for Saturday or Sunday.

Pack 1:
And the packs are typical Chronicles, with a whole bunch of designs on display. The Brooke and Woods are the base design, which make up the first 100 cards of the base set. There's one bronze parallel per pack, and in this case JBL appears on that. Sharp-eyed readers will look at the card and note that it was from the bullrope match against Eddy Guerrero, Appropriately, the Legacy portion is all retired legends. Inappropriately, Origins is not only a portion for young talent.

Pack 2:
That's a lot of base designs. JYD is the parallel here. I'm not too sure if Illusions is my favourite design of the set, but it certainly does make it close to the top. I don't even care that they re-used the photo - it just looks so great. Maybe with a different photo or a duller wrestler on the card, I wouldn't feel that way. I love the Luminance look too, and the photo of Bayley is great for the look, but I just imagine this would look off on display in binder form as the only horizontal design in the set.

Pack 3:

We've got some sharp-dressed men (and a woman) in this group. While the Vader card probably does not really qualify as sharp, that look will always be one of the more memorable ones in wrestling history. Contrast that with Greg Valentine and his robe. Great looking, but not as intimidating. Valentine's face was intimidating enough, though. Poor Sonya Deville tries, but she can only land in third. Ivy Nile was the bronze parallel, based on the foil.

Pack 4:
Pretty much the blandest of the packs. Maybe it is because of the photo being dull, but the repeated photo on the Black (bronze parallel) doesn't work as well as on Illusions. And could they have chosen a duller photo for Edge's card? He's got better ones, but this really just feels like they used a randomizer to pick it. Sonya in the suit makes sense. Edge doesn't. 

Pack 5:

Collation makes this one interesting, as I find it interesting to get tag team partners in the same pack. Even if they're not technically the same set, since Otis is the bronze parallel. Again, the Legacy cards provide legends content, even if it really feels constraining with the giant border on a wrestler as wild as Ultimate Warrior. 

Pack 6:
How can I complain about landing a card of Terry Funk? While that's great, and the horizontal medium is just perfect for the photo on the Nakamura, the Bianca Belair is my favourite here. It has nothing to do with her greatness, or that it is the bronze parallel of this pack.
It is how the back of the card does such a great job at avoiding using the word 'Mets'. 

And no, this does not count as a Mets card for their binders. 

There you have it!

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  1. Those are really cool! I've never really seen WWE Chronicles before but will have to keep my eye out for some! Hard to really pick a favorite between the legends cards but I really, really like that Vader card and the Hogan insert as well. For the current stars, that Roxanne Perez RC is definitely going on my want list.