Friday, 16 September 2022

Raptors Catch-Up

 Back to the COMC box, and the small # of Raptors cards within.

While I am not really the type to chase down at least on copy of every single Raptors card, I will at least go after one that salutes that Championship season. Right now, that means if Panini issues a card of Kawhi on the Raptors in a current set, that one has to be themed towards that winning team. And this one certainly does, with its Slam Magazine cover. There's even a former Raptor in Lou Williams featured in one of the articles - a nice easter egg bonus for the collection.
I looked at the least expensive Raptors cards available at COMC to determine which one to add to my collection, and this one was the cheapest I didn't have. Long live the oddness!
Much like Championship cards, the annual City edition cards are another one I try to hunt down at least one copy of for the Raptors collection. A set devoted to special, occasional uniforms? Thank you and I'll get one more the following season. And so on...
The finale is an autograph. While I still need to hit ship on my COMC inventory that contains a Scottie Barnes, and need to get my hands on a Banton, that's still one down off my wants for the 2021-22 rookie class. Thankfully, 22-23's doesn't seem as intimidating as this past season with Christian Koloko and Ron Harper Jr as the only likely candidates for autos. 

There you have it! 

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  1. Oh man, Ron Harper's kid is in the league now? Getting old, haha