Friday 16 September 2022

Raptors Catch-Up

 Back to the COMC box, and the small # of Raptors cards within.

While I am not really the type to chase down at least on copy of every single Raptors card, I will at least go after one that salutes that Championship season. Right now, that means if Panini issues a card of Kawhi on the Raptors in a current set, that one has to be themed towards that winning team. And this one certainly does, with its Slam Magazine cover. There's even a former Raptor in Lou Williams featured in one of the articles - a nice easter egg bonus for the collection.
I looked at the least expensive Raptors cards available at COMC to determine which one to add to my collection, and this one was the cheapest I didn't have. Long live the oddness!
Much like Championship cards, the annual City edition cards are another one I try to hunt down at least one copy of for the Raptors collection. A set devoted to special, occasional uniforms? Thank you and I'll get one more the following season. And so on...
The finale is an autograph. While I still need to hit ship on my COMC inventory that contains a Scottie Barnes, and need to get my hands on a Banton, that's still one down off my wants for the 2021-22 rookie class. Thankfully, 22-23's doesn't seem as intimidating as this past season with Christian Koloko and Ron Harper Jr as the only likely candidates for autos. 

There you have it! 


  1. Oh man, Ron Harper's kid is in the league now? Getting old, haha

  2. That City Edition insert is cool. I really like that design.