Monday 26 September 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 31 - It's New to Me!


My latest repack box included one of these basketball ones. They promise 4 rookie cards, 4 star cards, and a relic. 

Bonus rookie! I really wasn't expecting anything huge here, so I'm just looking for something interesting. And Luke Kennard looking absolutely terrified of the camera certainly counts. A couple obscure ones on the bottom are more intriguing to me than the folks I'm more familiar with on the top. I had no idea who Chris Owens was, but wikipedia tells me he is the great nephew of Jesse Owens. And I never would have learned that if I didn't find his card in this.
We can play the game of "Is *x* really a star" with this? But who really cares if there's a second-year Shaq card in the group? 
And your hit! Much like with the rookie portion, I wasn't expecting to see a star show up here, but I am very happy with the card itself, since Court Kings is one of my favourite releases each year. It is the one set that, because of its roots with Diamond Kings, can get away with being as garish as possible. Even if this is only a player-worn plain white swatch, it does contrast perfectly with the design and the set to make a great card, and it somehow more obnoxious than it would be with a darker swatch.

If that makes sense.