Sunday 6 February 2022

The Final 2021 Chronicles Hobby Box - Part 2

 Your final 3 packs:

Pack 4:
More Magnitude in this pack, and with a photo that likely required very little, if any photoshopping.

And another one of my favourite designs in the release - Gold Standard.
4 packs - 4 hits. Not too bad an autograph as well, as he had a solid rookie year with the Reds, even if it was somewhat anonymously thanks to his teammate Jonathan India's award-winning rookie season.
Lots of red on the uniforms in the rest of the pack.

Pack 5:
And Pack #5 is another strange one. Not in the sense of there being the wrong number of cards in the pack, but among the make-up of the pack. Namely, that if you busted a mid-range, you'd think that the lowest numbered card within would be this /10 gold parallel of Anthony Rizzo. 
But instead it ends up being this cyan printing plate featuring Aaron Judge. This also hits one of my 2021 sweet spots, with a lot of the fans behind Judge being of the cardboard variety. I like this, but is available for trade for something similar in a Jay or Met. 
And the remainder of the pack. 2 numbered cards would be enough for this one. Pete Alonso brings some Mets love into the second half of the box.

Pack 6:
Finally, some Jays content! At least it is from one of the premium sets that is part of Chronicles.
A good pack for Angels stars.
And the finale. Appropriate that I wrap this up with some more Magnitude.

How can I complain about anything with a 1/1? And it was still a pretty nice box even without that.


  1. I like the variety of designs, but the lack of logos ruins it for me. My loss, considering how boring Topps can be.

  2. Nice box. Hope you're able to trade that Judge for something nice that fits your collection.