Thursday 24 February 2022

Mailbag - Cardboard History - Part 2 of 2

 Part 2 of the mailer - the Ottawa Senators content.

There was a lot of Sens content from 2020-21 releases. Considering I haven't had much (any) opportunity to hit the shows during lockdowns to look for cards from base sets, a surprising number of these cards from these sets were needs for my team collection.
There was an autographed card hiding in the stacks. The only Jason York card in my Sens collection was the un-autographed version of this Pinnacle card. Now there's a nice little combination in those binders.
Gotta scan the back of some 1993 Leaf.
The best photo in the package will go to this 2001 Shawn McEachern, unsuprisingly from a flagsip UD release. 
How is that these Timmies cards managed to get their way across the border to the US, before making their way back across the border for my collection before I managed to add any of them directly to my collection? I do recognize the oddness of having Karlsson and Hoffman beside each other.
Random mask binder card! Jani would get the rare triple team card as one of his last cards of his career where he'd be listed as with the Thrashers, sporting a Panthers jersey with a Senators paint job on his helmet (and the swatch would be a Sens one).
And here's a sampling of the remainder! 

Thanks for all these goodies, and I hope you liked the cards I sent your way!


  1. Kudos to York for signing on the white strip, so collectors could see his autograph.

  2. Glad you needed most of them! There's a little back story with the Sens cards. C2Cigars had put up a post on the Database offering some team lots for free and the Senators were available so I claimed them for you. When the box arrived from him to me I put in my own little stack of Senators, Raptors and Mutombos and sent them off. The York autograph came to me because I bought one on COMC, forgot and then bought another. I have a very good friend in Windsor who sent me most of the Hortons cards and multiple copies of some of them. I absolutely did enjoy the return mailing, thank you!