Tuesday 22 February 2022

It Was All Yellow

 Let's bust this!

Let's do this!

Wrigley Ivy is always a nice way to start a pack, and there's a second appearance of that stadium with the bricks visible on Van Slyke's card. That swing-and-miss photo is a very unflattering photo choice for Sabo's card. Swing and a miss! And Expos content, too!
More Expos content! And a Met as well! The multiple bats makes for a rather unique BP photo for Sam Horn, and just so both Chicago ballparks get mentioned - that's certainly old Comiskey in the background of Fisk, with a photo worthy of modern Panini releases.
In contrast with the Sabo in the first group, that Thomas is a beautifully framed photo of an at-bat. And there's the first Jays appearance in the pack. Dion James works perfectly with the border and the tight cropping.
A Jays appearance and a HOFer. That's a perfectly fine grouping.
Mets content highlights the last batch of cards. A nice bunch of cards for my team PCs, and a couple interesting photos makes for a great group of cards, even if they're obnoxiously early 90s bright.
But there were stickers too! Logo stickers! A grand total of zero that are still in use in that format today. 

There you have it!


  1. I won't say that I love this set... but it's definitely grown on me over the years. Part of it has to do with the well-cropped photography on some of the cards.

  2. Always a good pack when Mackey Sasser makes an appearance. ;)

  3. I never bought packs of this and never liked it, yet I have the factory set.

  4. 30 cards and not one Dodger--D'OH!

  5. Wow, Chief Wahoo on the sticker there. I like the bright yellow. Better than the grey they had in 1989!