Saturday, 26 February 2022

A Dime Box Mailer - Part 1 of 4

 In addition to the recent 10th anniversary giveaway cards, there were also some cards that came my way in the mailer. They were split into 4 separate team bags, so I'm gonna open them 1 at a time, just like a repack, and show them off over 4 posts spread over whatever time period. 

First up, a literal team bag - nothing but Blue Jays content.

To say these were all over the place would be an understatement. Let's start with the oddball portion of this, and this, which was at least pretty easy to identify the source of.
These however, were more of a puzzler, as they were stickers, and had no identifying features on the back. Fortunately, there were a couple short-term Jays in this, such as Bill Caudill, which put it in the mid 1980s and narrowed it down to an Ault Foods set from that year. Ault was primarily a dairy, and I guess these accompanied bagged milk. 

Also, Gordon? I had no memory at all of him, but this was Don Gordon. He made about 20 relief appearances for the Jays in the mid 80s, but spent most of his time in Syracuse. He'd get mainstream cards when he'd move on to Cleveland. I'd say this was his debut in my collection, but I might have one of his fire safety cards as well.
These look more official than the first scans, but the minor leagues also get some love in these cards. Barry Foote might not reach the absurdity levels of the Jim Moore travelling secretary card, but seeing non-batters with that pose remains delightfully goofy.
More food-issue fun with these cards commemorating the Jays' victory in 1992. Kelly Gruber knocking himself into next week with his slide might be better than the photo on the White.
But the best photo in this bunch has to go to this - with a very uncomfortable looking cameo from Ripken.
This is a nice looking concept, but it would have been perfection had they been sporting the alternate blue jerseys.
The volume battle, at least in this grouping, goes to John Olerud. There is no other point in time other than the 90s where Metal Universe's concept could be green lit for the first time. 
Not only is this card wonderfully shiny, it is one that could make its home in either my Jays collection, or my Canadians in MLB collection. While he hasn't feasted on pitching at the A level yet, he just turned 20 last season, so there's no need to panic yet. 
More shininess!
And a sampling of the remainder of this grouping,

3 more to go! I'm leaving them unopened until I start scanning the cards, so everything will be a surprise to me outside of the 10th anniversary cards.

There you have it!


  1. Those 1986 Ault cards are cool. Hadn't seen them before, so I did a little research to see if Stieb was part of the set. Looks like they're stickers that are meant to go into an album (like the Topps and Panini sticker albums of the 80's).

  2. Those are some neat oddballs and semi-oddballs. The Ault stickers are interesting, and the Olerud Score is much nicer than most "junk wax" of the era. Really like the Dasan Brown, and the Zenith Clemens is one of my all time favorite cards of a player I don't like at all, lol.

  3. I'm so glad these arrived safely - haven't sent anything to Canada in a long, long time. I remember looking very briefly for info on those Blue Jays stickers and coming up empty. Your research alone shows you're giving 'em a better home than I did!