Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Yes, Another Raptors Post

Time once again to show off some of my latest Raptors goodies from some case breaks. This one contains cards from 2016 Court Kings and 2016 Donruss.
I showed off this box topper from Court Kings as an ObCard on my 12/25 video post. But this is so nice, I need to show off this 5*7 beauty a second time.
Out of the 100 regular base cards, I landed precisely zero Raptors among them. The rookies are short printed to a rate of about 2 per box, with this design being one per box, so at least I can say I got something from those.
There are different stages of rookies in the product, all with different themes. This graffiti background is the third stage, which seemed to fall at about 3 per case.
Not the most flattering expression for an Expressionists insert, but with a DeRozan jersey swatch attached, I'll take it.
And here's my first auto from the Raptors 2016 rookie class. With Sullinger injured, Siakam has been seeing starting minutes for the team, and he has been fine in the role, if not mind-blowing, and will do just fine until Sully is healthy.

Off to Donruss!
No problems with the base cards here. That's the complete team set, with no real surprises as to the content.
A couple of inserts. The ASG was played on 2/14 last year, so if I'm in the mood for mission creep, I could add these cards to the binder.
And those inserts have parallels. Unlike the other Press Proof cards in this post, this is unnumbered.
But these are /299 each.
And this is /10. Landing a low numbered parallel is nice, but landing one of a relevant player is even nicer.
I'm really not sure if I have more DeRozan swatches in my collection,
or more Jonas-graphs. But a hit is a hit, and I always love adding new cards to the front pages of my Raptors binder.

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  1. Nice stuff. I wasn't aware that Court Kings has been released. I got a box of Donruss for Christmas, I really like the set. Wish it was bigger but at least I was able to complete it.