Monday, 30 January 2017

Two Breaks for the Price of One

And now, the second break in which I got a free spot, and got the Leafs spot.
One of the products in this was Portfolio, which was such a fun set for photography. While there are often celebration photos in sets, the post-game goalie congrats don't get enough love. So, here's one of them getting the honour on this rookie card.
Here's the rest of the base cards. Portfolio wins big here, with a new Kadri for my Rangers alumni collection, and Borje Salming's classic helmet is always welcome.
Here are some numbered cards. As his name would indicate, Christopher Gibson was obviously born in Finland (Finnish mom, St. Lucian dad). Now that's the fun type of story that belongs on the back of a card. Of these, I'll be keeping the bottom 2, but the top ones will likely become part of a future serial numbered insanity post.
My first of two Leafs hits was this on-card autograph. He only spent parts of one season with Leafs, and is in the KHL now.
How about some literature to end it?
It is pretty threadbare in terms of text, but this and the Craig should be enough to cover the cost of the break.

Some keepers. Some not so much, but a good pair of breaks overall.


  1. Some very nice cards there...and even the Kozun auto is a pretty nice sig!

  2. Getting that Nylander in a FREE spot...very nice!