Thursday, 12 January 2017

Four if by Sportlots 2017 - Part 1

Since 4 is the maximum # of cards you can get from many sportlots sellers, that's the level I sometimes end at for purchases, thus resulting in a 4-card PWE coming my way. Here is my first of several throughout this year.
Michael Rupp's first playoff goal of his career in 2003 was the one that was the Stanley Cup winning goal for his Devils team. That makes this card featuring the Cup lift even sweeter.
Photos directly along the glass are a little more commonplace in recent releases. That doesn't mean I'm going to pass on acquiring older ones for my miscellaneous binders.
#3 in the envelope is a new Milan Hejduk for the 2/14 collection. This is my 130th card of his in the collection, still trailing Gaborik who remains in the lead with 149 entries in the collection.
And, #4 is another 2/14 card. Back when you might find an interesting photo on an Upper Deck MVP card. This is my 47th card of perfect match Viktor Kozlov.

There you have it!


  1. I love Sportlots...just wish sellers could list cards for less than 18 cents.

  2. Might be a penalty on the Hejduk card. I'm just saying...