Friday, 6 January 2017

2013-14 Rookie Anthology Case Break - Tenth Box

Entering the home stretch, with a the box that easily had the strangest collation of the 12.
Let's start with a nice Brodeur parallel /100.
And if you don't like that, here's another one. They don't have sequential numbering, and they were also in different packs. As I said, strange collation in this case.
Off to the Score Update base. The Alfredssson was a dupe, but now I have one for this set, and one for my Alfie collection. On another note, I did find the Jagr from this set that I thought was a need for this set, meaning that I will have completed the 750 card base set for this once this break is done. WOO-HOO!
And a Sens card as my gold parallel. Nice.
Here are the Prizm inserts. All these were dupes.
But at least this shiny parallel wasn't.
The Selects.
Here start the hits. Anders Lee is still active with the Islanders, but the most important thing is that the Score hit wasn't Morgan Reilly, Colten Teubert or josh Lievo.
After my comment last time about stick relics generally being more than one colour, here's a plain white stick relic. But at least this featured his breast cancer themed gear.
The Select auto/relic.
I've already sent one of these Etem Selections to Greg @ PTSiA, so I guess I can keep this one.
Dominion cards are always nice inserts to pull from these, since it usually results in a nice patch to go with the on-card auto.
I start with the strangeness of the collation. I end with the strangeness of the collation. 2 gold base parallels, and two Dominion RPAs. I prefer the Strome in this pairing because it is a more relevant player as well as a nicer patch. Also, it is obvious where this patch came from on the jersey, with the slight of blue at the side leading into the white and orange of the logo.

And that's the end of the box. Next up, the best of the boxes.

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