Saturday, 21 January 2017

Black Friday 2-14 Additions - The Basketball Portion

Time to showcase some more 2/14 stuff as I continue alphabetically through the sports.

Unfortunately, the basketball rosters are smaller, so that means an unfortunate lack of player variety with the cards.
 So, I have to look for interesting things. The light pen signature is just a facsimile, though. But, it is fun to compare this style of signature with the usual ones for a player. Richard Hamilton's was much shorter on actual auto'ed card, but it looks really legible here for all the letters. Looking at the others in the set, Andre Miller's was really nice as well (and looked so on his early autos before he compacted it), and Wally Szczerbiak's is certainly the most interesting.
That is not a light pen, but this is my first card in any of my collections where a shoe is the content getting the autograph.
All-Star uniform!
And some more of Rip, who now has 60 cards in the collection. That puts him into 3rd place overall, but Jim Kelly should regain the lead tomorrow when I start posting some of his cards from the COMC box.
And just so Richard Hamilton wasn't the only basketball additions, here's a pair of Byron Mullens cards. The Totally Red parallel is /499.

There you have it.

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