Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2013-14 Rookie Anthology Case Break - Twelfth Box

All good cases must come to an end.
Here's the last of the Score Update cards. With these making their way into the binders, there are only 4 cards missing. Those 4 are in my COMC cart right now, so I'll eventually complete the 750 card base set.
My final gold parallel from the case.
The Prizms. Only the LeCavalier is making its first appearance in the case.
Your shiny card. Moulson was pictured with the Wild on the other update cards in this, but I here on the Prizm, all he gets is the traded designation.
The Select updates were new.
The final box scores me another one of those Titanium update cards, this one numbered to his draft position. He's seen only one period of action in the NHL, but that still was enough to get a card. He's now in the Avs system.
Mark has seen a little more action in the NHL than Kent - 8 games worth. Unlike Kent, he's now plying his trade in Europe.
Halak only spent a dozen games with the Capitals, so I'm guessing that jersey swatch was left over from his Habs days. He's also sporting the perfect sign he just got traded - a plain white mask.
My second base Titanium rookie/auto of the case is a pretty good one. It may not be the most legible one, but I do like Hamilton's signature.
And the final card is probably the best of the Rookie Selection pulls.

And that's a case of cards. It is seriously fun to bust a case of a product you love, and doing some with COMC credit was just a bonus. I landed a nice mix of keepers, COMC send-ins and trade material throughout. I probably won't be doing another one of these until next Black Friday.


  1. It's been fun watching. I've always dreamt of doing a case but I just can't justify that kind of money outlay.