Monday 8 May 2023

Sportlots Miscellany

 I've been doing some set-building through Sportlots lately, and it seems perfect sense to maneuver my way up to the maximum cards for the shipping level with random interesting cards.

Such as this card, which shows how amazing a player Barry Sanders was - continuing to gain yardage while dragging a pair of defenders with him. It is also proof that really great photography in the Collector's Choice line wasn't limited to just the baseball version.

No wonder some players needed oxygen on the sidelines.
The mask binders tend to contain a lot of photos that spotlight the artwork on the sides of the masks as opposed to what is on the top. For someone who had a paint job like Marc Denis sported during some of his time in Columbus, it is a shame that it doesn't make as many perfect appearances as it should. You also get a pose that you really don't see much of on cards - that of a seated, but still effective netminder.
Naturally, one doesn't need to have a goaltender sporting a mask for a photo to be interesting.
I already have Frank Finnigan content in my collection. He was a member of the original team during their first time in the league. His number hangs in the rafters of the arena. It was the Franchises release from ITG that put that card in my collection, and is also that release that provided this card, which is my first card for the one-season only run of the St. Louis Eagles. Nice looking jersey too! 
Naturally, I'm going to add some 2/14 stuff in to the mailers as well. The Leaf/O-Pee-Chee portion of the Dave Dravecky content was sparser than I'd like.
I don't know if this pose from Hughie Jennings is my favourite old-timey image to make an appearance on cards, but it probably should be. 

There you have it! 

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  1. So the karate kid didn't invent the crane kick afterall!