Saturday 6 May 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16.2: Hanging Hoops with a Hit

 And another one!

Here's the first group of cards lurking behind the Smith. It isn't too interesting, but I always like finding Goodwin Champions cards in repacks, since it isn't a specific sport set, but they have been repurposed into that type of sport for these repacks. 
I've posted this in the past, but Eddie Johnson may be the most unfortunately named player in basketball history. While the Contenders design might be more iconic in the ticket format, and that is one of my favourites in general, I do like the smoky design used in this one basketball one. Perhaps it would have been liked more under a different brand.
Foil cards might be the one style where a plain white swatch works. 
One of my favourite things about repacks is when odd coincidences occur. With the Archives set, Topps used photographs from the time period where the design is borrowed. In Willie Anderson's case, that would be 1988. Who sported #34 for the Clippers back in 1988? Reggie Williams. Meaning he made appearances on back-to-back cards in this repack, one as the guy defending the featured player, and then as the featured player.
And the finale.

This one was probably below average, but gets enhanced to memorable status with that strange Williams coincidence.

There you have it.

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