Thursday 4 May 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16.1: Hanging Hoops with a Hit

One of these today! 
An interesting contrast to something opening up with the foil-y Prizm card, to have some older style cardboard not long after. That Chandler card was the closest he'd get to getting a mainstream release over his career. That alone makes it an interesting card to me. That Donyell Marshall would have turned into something special at the time if he'd managed to get 1250 points in that season. He came about 350 short. Flair brings some classiness to the repack with a higher end item.

This might have been the first time in a long while where the hit in one of these was perfectly in the middle. If the player here looks kinda familiar, concentrate on the last name - he's Blake's brother. I pulled an autograph of the more-famed family member in a Clear Vision box back in 2018, so I've now completed the Griffin brothers run. I should get an AJ Griffin autograph for a father-son combo, since I have an Adrian auto in my 'Won a ring with the Raptors' collection.

More 1981 Topps leaders cards, please! Although I'd be happy with any more 1981s making repack appearances. Other than that, the Edwards is kinda cool for the face mask bringing something different to a photo in an overproduced set. 
Start with a Prizm card. End with a Prizm card. And continually remind me of my need to clean my scanner glass.

There you have it!


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