Friday 19 May 2023

More Fun than Chronicles?


Yes, there's something more fun than Chronicles - and that's discounted Chronicles.

There's nice potential in there - Scottie Barnes for the Raptors PC, or perhaps some Chris Duarte or Franz Wagner for a future trade envelope? I got a grand total of zero cards of those players among the 30.
So, I'm looking for interesting stuff in this wherever it might be. Such as this photo of Jonathan Kuminga in what looks like a high-school gym setting.
Here's the two promised Prestige cards. While I'm not the biggest fan of the stripes on the design, it does look interesting here with the court at the background in the Mitchell photo. 
The box also promised one black parallel, but I ended up with three of them. While getting one of the #1 draft pick would probably be the best, it is aesthetically bettered by that Optic of Bassey, which looks really sharp in hand. It feels like it should be a numbered parallel in a regular release, but it isn't here. 

If you're thinking you've seem a lot of Cade Cunningham so far, you're right! Here's some more of him. With 4 cards, it easily gave him the nod for the most appearances in the pack.
But the other cover boy also showed up with these two. Luminance was the winner here in terms of designs, with a total of 8 cards from that 25-card portion of the base set.
Here's some of the other folks to show up in the pack. 

Despite not hitting anything for my PC or any traders for others' PCs, still a decent enough rip with the Cunninghams and that Bassey.

There you have it!

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  1. I accidentally bought a pack of this last year, I was so disappointed when I got home and realized they were college cards.