Wednesday 10 May 2023

Box Break: 2021 CFL SP Game Used

 It has been more than a few months since I last busted a box of any type, blaster, hobby, whatever. So this ends that string.

Really nice to see the three-down game get a higher end release. Even though The Cup is right there for the taking as well. 

You get 5 packs in this with 3 cards each. Each has one base Fabrics hit, one base auto, and a premium hit which is either a patch, an auto/relic or a numbered auto. And unlike with SP Game Used hockey, you're getting actual game used swatches in each. No 'event worn' or banners here.

Pack 1:

This was probably the blandest of the 5 packs, but it is still pretty nice thanks to getting a very appropriate double-blue swatch on the Argos patch. At 39, Hughes' career has probably drawn to a close, but he's certainly going to be enshrined in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in the future. He even did a pretty cool thing with his autos, drawing a Superman-ish shield with the 'C' in the middle.

Pack 2:
The one thing that disappointed me about the break was the lack of variety among the teams with the collation. The exact same teams as you see in the first pack. In fact, 4 of the teams in the 9 team league would not make an appearance in the box. That's good if you hit, not so much if you don't.

Pack 3:
Here's a pack that was more for other people than for I. That Vernon Adams has been set aside for a future mailer to Oregon for a collector of Ducks alum. The Tevaun Smith has already been sent away for content for the Bills binder. Poor Tanner Green. I'll still hold on to your card, unless a Concordia/Elks collector comes calling.

Pack 4:

Really? All the same team, and two of the same player in the same pack? But I do look at this one the bright side. I'd pulled a Willie Jefferson auto previously, but swapped it for Ti-Cats content, so this is a perfectly acceptable replacement. Andrew Harris was shipped out in return for Ti-Cats content as well. That's making the best out of rather questionable collation.

Pack 5:
It took until the final card in the final pack, but I did manage to pull a Tiger-Cats card from this. Even better - it was one of the 'Premium' hits. Masoli's time with the team was very pleasant, but an unfortunate injury combined with sharing time with Dane Evans spelled the end of the line for him here. But this card does bring back nice memories of some good, albeit championship-less years here. 

Bonus! The cards I got in trade!
Some gold from the flagship set!
Some autos, including another star from the good times in the late 10s in Hamilton with Brandon Banks.
And a 'Yes, this totally counts as a Bills card' auto.

There you have it!


  1. Never heard of these guys (except for Wilder...s father) but they're some cool looking cards. especially that Hughes patch.

  2. Nice that CFL cards are made for you guys, thanks for showing them off!