Monday 22 August 2022

Extending the Senators

The finale of the 21-22 NHL season's flagship releases dropped last Wednesday. Mind you, there are plenty of releases of mid-range products still to go, including Artifacts, which usually hits the market in October of that release year. 

But that gave me a chance to get into a group break to wrap up the season.

They only warranted 4 base cards among the regular cards. Formenton is the only one here I've had cards of previously in an Ottawa uniform. 
This was an interesting case, as all the Young Guns within were missing the foil "Young Guns" logo. That included the two Senators as part of the checklist. As I write this, there's only one such card up on ebay (probably from this same break), so I'm guessing cards with this 'feature' are pretty rare over this print run.  This does likely mean that I'll wait for e-packs, and pick up some cheap replacements.
The foil did show up on the clear cut parallel, though.
And here's one more Sokolov appearance, in canvas form.  Even though I already have a couple CHL cards of him, this is a solid start to his portion of the team PC.
Like last year, a bunch of other sets also make an appearance in the set, to give it a slight Rookie Anthology vibe. First up, here's some 06-07 retros. Last year had 05-06s. 
1999 also gets retro'ed with these SPX cards.
Numbered card 1!
And here's #2. You've got to flip this over to see that this card is /100 as UD3 gets a salute on this gold parallel. There's plenty of time left to go lower, but as of  now, this is the lowest numbered card I have of the young Senators star. Until that changes, this beauty of a  card is in that spot.

There you have it!

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