Thursday 25 August 2022

Always time for Chronicles

 I recently busted some 2022 Draft Chronicles, so why not follow that up with some of the NFL variety.

The draft product promised Playbook & Playoff. Here, I get Pinnacle.

This might be the most true base cards I've ever pulled from a single pack of Chronicles, across any sport. But, at least there was a Bills card in the mix, and any new Josh Allen is a nice little addition. 
Regular Chronicles tends to follow up the paper cards with chrome/prizm-ish cards. Here, you get matte cards. While it looks really nice on the Gridiron Kings card, not as much so with the Luminance. But I do like getting a card of a guy named Gainwell - a great name for any offensive player on a football team. 
Both had at least one bronze parallel per pack. I'd rather see another set represented. 
Much like with Donruss and Score in 2022 Draft, they flash back to the 1992 Pinnacle release here. Not too bad of a look, but they really needed to ditch the foil on the bottom, and add the position in the upper corner to make it a little more accurate.
If I'm only going to get one chrome card in this, it might as well be a Mac Jones. 

This definitely lacked the variety I usually see in these, but at least there was a Josh Allen appearance.

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