Sunday 7 August 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 24 - Drugstore Cardboy (with stickers)

More hangers from Shoppers Drug Mart! The Prism pack was visible - whatever was behind it wasn't. It usually is those NHCD packs, so at least there was some variety!

Here's the first of the Prizm packs. The pack advertises that there is one gold parallel every 1:5 packs in retail, and it looks like I got one of them. That adds a nice little numbered version of Roman Turek's Eddie mask to my masked hits collection.  As for the rest, a couple HOFers and a Senator's father is a solid group of base cards.
And the Hockey Card Day pack. Exactly what you'd expect from this - a limited checklist means you're getting solid names. 
Not only does a second gold parallel appear in this pack, but I also land a new card for one of my PCs with that Scott Stevens due to make its way into my Kitchener Rangers alum collection. While I like that the wiped background was replaced with the team logos, it would been an even better card if they'd set it so it matched the jersey on the Hemsky. Oil drop logo! 
Finally, the stickers. At least one of 'em was shiny!

There you have it!

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