Friday 19 August 2022


I'm spending this post in e-pack land today, and doing a wrestling post to show off cards from Upper Deck's AEW release. All except this preview card of CM Punk come from the epacks, and what worked out to about a half-box worth of cards. While I didn't get the base cards from them, I still probably did better on the whole that I would have had I just bought packs/boxes in store.

The packs contained 1 gold parallel, and 2 inserts. I'm not sure what I think about pulling a Tony Schiavone card in 2022, but it definitely is a rather unique item. The regular base photos don't really feature action shots, which might be biggest complaint about them.
Naturally, there are more parallels to be found. Darby Allin appears on a Pyro parallel, and John Silver's card is a rarer Dynamite parallel. 
Canvas parallels migrate from hockey to here. And if you recognize the reason I followed up a John Silver card with an Anna Jay card, good job!
Main Features are the most common of the inserts.
Appearing in both regular and parallel form. 
Here's an insert that provides action shots. The top two are the regular base, with Riho being silver.
Well, this insert set aged poorly.
The boxes advertise either one hit per box, or a  "Wednesday in  Action" SPd insert. So, I definitely came out ahead landing a relic from a half box worth of cards.
And getting a second hit from the packs as well! This is another parallel auto, being another Pyro. It is a little hard to see that this is numbered due to the flashiness of the background, but this is /35, numbered right below the "Tag Teams" in the upper middle. Sure, the autographs of this pair of Quebecois wrestlers might be more printed than signed, but since they're probably more legible like that. Even if Stu isn't with the company any more, this is still a pretty cool dual. And seriously, tag team dual hits should be more of a thing.

There you have it!

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