Tuesday 18 August 2020


Depending on what time zone you're in as you read this, Ultimate Hockey 2019-20 will be dropping later today or tomorrow. I could shell out for the new stuff, or go back in time and try this. This being about half the cost of the new release made it an easy decision for a higher-end break.
Iginla is a perfect choice for a limited base set like this. 
Sneep on the other hand, not as much so. He played in 398 fewer games than copies of this card exist. But that's still one more than I will ever skate in!
The autograph in the pack box could just as easily been of a short-term rookie, but instead it is a pretty nice veteran autograph. Couture was in his third season when this card was released, and is still going strong with San Jose, having advanced all the way up to team captain this past season.
And dang, if they're using the term Ultimate Debut Threads to describe that patch, it is a pretty accurate description. If I had to complain about it, my only beef is that the photo has his shoulder just a bit too high to see the entirety of the shoulder patch from where the piece was taken. But 4 colours, and coming from an obvious location on the jersey makes this a great hit! It seems odd that a really great swatch is numbered to 100, but if that's the piece I get, I'm fine with it.

That's pretty Ultimate of a box.

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