Thursday 6 August 2020

Retail Sampler: Diamond Kings

The last of my retail breaks following an inability to find any Series 2 at Walmart locations.
The only option at the store was a single hanger box. I guess that's as good as anything.
And the first card out is Dom DiMaggio.Even if the image does get over-used in Panini releases, it is nice to get a name that doesn't get overused by Topps.
The DiMaggio was followed up by 9 more base cards. They may not have a license, but I can't imagine finding cards of Shoeless Joe in a Topps release at any point in the near future. Your typical Diamond Kings mix of legends and current players. Only Schilling and Foxx are Topps semi-regulars in this mix.
Here's the box-promised red parallel. While it doesn't really go with a Tony Gwynn card, it is still a pretty nice looking entry.
The side of the box also promises a blue parallel. And here that is.
This, however, was certainly not promised by the box. In fact, I assumed that there was no chance there would be a hit in the only box remaining on the hangers, with them having been carefully weighed by some sneaky searcher. But, when I open the box and looked at the cello wrapper inside, it was obvious one card was thicker than the rest, coming it at almost 6 cards worth. I guess if it is going to contain a patch, it should be. He's kinda constrained by the sticker, but he does have a nice looking autograph.
This insert portion of the pack ends with a T206 inspired DK206 insert. 
A few more base cards. Nice to get a new Bo Bichette for the Jays PC.
The box ends with a pair of All-Time Diamond Kings, bringing the vibe from the 92/93 releases. Sandberg was a DK in 1993, and I would have been amused had these reused that image, albeit with the logos out. 

Shoeless Joe, Bo Bichette and an auto/patch? That's a great retail break, even if it obviously wasn't the norm.

There you have it!


  1. Nolan Ryan looks surprised. The Sandberg DK is a nice pull. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree the red border on the predominantly blue Tony Gwynn painting doesn't work very well.

  3. Weird-looking Phillies uniform on the Schilling card.

    I like the Gwynn card because the no-logoness isn't an issue.

    I don't see how the Bell card is a blue parallel.

    Shoeless Joe and Ashburn are good gets.

  4. Love framed parallels. Shame there's only one per box.