Saturday 22 August 2020

Random Pack Bustin' - Part 2


6 more packs! Again, clockwise from the top left corner, ending appropriately with Overtime.

I can't complain with this start of the packs, landing with my first and only hit in the bunch. While Hicketts hasn't really set the NHL on fire, he is still making appearances with the big club this past season.

That's a pretty good pack of OPC. A retro card to send along to Ann Arbor, a Kitchener Rangers alum for the insert, and a Sens SP. No complaints!

Not too much of note in the S1 pack, but at least I got a nice insert of Carey Price for the mask binder.

Those are pretty bland packs of both Platinum and Artifacts. It is to be expected from retail Artifacts, but I'd at least like to see something shiny from the Platinum.

But the OT brings things up. There's a second card that will be bound for Ann Arbor at a later date, and what is probably the first time I've ever pulled a numbered parallel from one of those, so that's a pretty nice ending to this.

Not a bad grouping of packs and cards!