Wednesday 26 August 2020

PWE Chronicles

 Thanks to Canada Post, this PWE recap post has been waiting for a long time to be posted. About a month ago, Joseph/CrazieJoe let me know that a trio of PWEs were on the way. Two arrived promptly, but with a third expected I opted to wait until they all showed up.

#3 showed up yesterday.

I'd been waiting so long, so this can jump the queue and make its appearance today. The best thing about this is that all 3 were filled with 2/14 content.

The best thing about Kelly Stinnett's cards is if they are dupes I can add them to my Mets collection. But, this is my first acquisition of this card for the 2/14 collection.

There was only a single basketball card among the 3 envelopes, but fortunately it was a need for the collection, and it does feature a great photo from the backboard. 

With all the mid-range football base cards from sets with 100 card base sets and a bunch of inserts that I've already added the inserts of into the collection, they all start to run together at some point. That made me think that I'd already added this David Garrard into my collection. My TCDB audit tells me otherwise. This is my 87th card of Garrard.

But I did know this shiny Justin Miller was new!

When Joseph was breaking a box of 04-05 Pacific, I noticed this card come up and immediately put my claim in for it. This is a somewhat rare-ish red foil parallel. I've already got the regular base card, and just need the blue /250 to complete the small rainbow.

And here's a sampling of the rest of the hockey in this. The Svoboda is a card that I was certain was already in the binders, but again, the TCDB check showed otherwise. There was also a 1991 Score of Dave Lowry that also fell into that category, but I decided I like the horizontal Score card better for scanning purposes. The Milan Hejduk content in this extends his leading numbers in the collection to 220 cards.

There you have it! If you didn't get enough 2/14 stuff in  this, I'll summarize the 2/14 stuff in my COMC shipment next time.

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  1. Definitely interesting how long that one envelope took in comparison, but happily they all made it to the destination in tact. Glad to have found some new ones for the 2/14 collection.