Monday 10 February 2020

Who needs Series 1? I've got the Best!

I was at Wally World on Friday, but there wasn't any Series 1 on the shelves yet. Boo. So, to get some baseball, I'm reaching back into the small collection of stuff I haven't posted yet, and am surprisingly not grabbing some Chronicles, but some 2019 Bowman's Best.
Let's go prospecting!

2 mini boxes with 6 packs. Perfect for a two-day post!

Pack 1:
There were supposed to be only 5 cards per pack, but the first one provided 6, so...bonus! The design is exactly what you expect from the product. The final card in each pack was a refractor.

Just the highlights from the next packs!

Pack 2:
Pack 2 was pretty basic, but here's another shiny insert.

Pack 3:
There's the first Jays card in the box, and you can see the slightly different background design for the prospects vs the veterans.
Another insert, but this one is die-cut and extra sparkly. The atomic refractors aren't numbered.
And here's autograph #1 of the mini-box. Nice penmanship for a decently hyped rookie. Unfortunately, he's with the Marlins here, so we'll have to wait for the eventual trade for him to really get noticed.

Pack 4:
But with that said, at least the Marlins colours look nice in this design.
You want shiny Pete Alonso? This was your pack!
And auto #2. And it is a dupe from just one pack prior. But it is a numbered parallel, and a palindromic numbered parallel as well, being 05/50! Even better, that makes it easier to add the first one to my next COMC submission.

Pack 5:
This is the regular design for the Future Foundations card.

Pack 6:
Another atomic refractor - this time for the base design.
And these are my favourite types of parallels - ones where the colour of the parallel match the team colours. Rockies ones are a little easier to come by than other teams, with these being /250. This also is a bonus with being an ebay 1/1 - 250/250. Two interesting numbers among the numbered cards in the same (mini) box!

Two more autographs and more shininess tomorrow!


  1. Nice serial numbering. The palindromic numbered parallel doesn't receive enough love within our hobby.

    1. Especially since they don't appear in every numbered parallel set. There's going to be a 1/x and x/x (even if they're the same true 1/1), but there won't be a 991/199.

  2. JJ Bleday hot box! There's a sentence you don't really expect to be using. But, hey, Alonso rookie, yay!