Tuesday 4 February 2020

It's Just a Box Break, You Should Really Just Relax - Part 2

And now, a whole bunch of drawn cards from the insert sets. Between these two, there's about 100 cards total, so I'm just hitting my personal highlights.
First up, a Rowsdower card. A trading card featuring one of Canada's most incredible superheroes (tied with Mr. Canoehead). This was all that this needed to make it a spectacular insert set.
But a card of Mr. B Natural also helps. Mr. B would also be seen in the sketch card gallery.
And let's show these off, starting with a ROBOT ROLL CALL! This one is done by Andy Moore, who drew the 1/1 sketch cards of Crow that I got in my Series 1 and 2 boxes. With all respect to Mr. Moore, I was happy that the ones I got this time were from different artists.
And let's not forget the newest bots aboard the ship, with Growler and M. Waverly.
Although he can also be found in the Claudiu sketches, I opted for the full colour version of Mark Hamill as P.T. Mindslap. Even if does give flashbacks to another legitimate contender for the worst movie ever shown aboard the SOL - Carnival Magic.
A little late for Turkey Day, but here's a suitable sketch.
He can do stupid things!
Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter is the babytalk name I use when I want to annoy my dog, That's worthy of a scan.
I'm not sure if this version of Dr. Forrester is one of the stranger entries into an interpretation of a character, or one of the best.
All ready to take care of the place when the master is away.
Dr. Donna St. Phibes might be the most recent character to make an appearance on one of these cards, having debuted in episode 1203 of the last Netflix season.
And I'll end this portion with the simple hope that your Christmas was the Swayziest.

Tomorrow: 3 printing plates! 2 sketch cards! 2 autographs!