Friday 7 February 2020

PWE Chronicles

Mailbag time!
Although the title is PWE Chronicles, this was a Plain Yellow Envelope from Julie at A Cracked Bat. I picked her pockets for these two Archives Mets cards.
But the envelope was nicely filled with some other Mets as well. Thanks for these, and there should be a mailer on the way in your direction by the time you read this.
Chances are very likely I've mixed up the Mets content in the ACB envelope with the Mets content in the PWE series from Cards on Cards. I've been sending Blazers/Cardinals/Blues/Eagles/Ducks towards Oregon for ages, and get groups of PWEs in return.
Blue Jays content!
And Raptors content as well! Lots of colour in this one. The Acy and Green (299) and Jonas (125) are the numbered parallels.

Thanks, Kerry! I'm waiting for a mailer to arrive, so the return mail will take a little longer.

There you have it!

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