Monday 3 February 2020

It's Just a Box Break, You Should Really Just Relax

It took a few weeks, but I'm finally showing off the cards from a two box Kickstarter break of MST3K Series 3. Now there were a lot of cards in this final release - well over 400. So, I'm really just going to hit the highlights of many of the subsets, but I will highlight some of my favourite sketch cards tomorrow, and follow that up on Wednesday with the 1/1 plates, the 1/1 original sketch cards, and the autographs.
One of the continued insert sets were the Steve Vance mini-posters. I'd contacted the maker of the set hoping for maybe an extra Pumaman insert from this set, since it debuted in theaters on 2/14, making this a 2/14 card.

I got 20 of them. None of them fly. Like a moron or otherwise.

But only 1 will go into the 2/14 binder.
And here's the back. I've got 20+ of them. Might as well show it off as well!
The Episode guide portion of the set wraps up here, as it goes through the Sci-Fi and Netflix runs of the show. Here's the Screaming Skull's episode.
3D cards are back as well.
And the Riff-It series wraps up with three more public domain movies - Eegah, Night of the Blood Beast and Bride of the Monster.
Best of all, this adds a second new card to my 2-14 collection! One of the actors in this movie was Tyler McVey, who played the ill-fated, but still stinger-providing Dr. Alex Wyman. He is the 4th MSTed performer to make an appearance in the collection, joining Lois Maxwell, Edward Platt and Crash Corrigan. McVey was also in Attack of the Giant Leeches, but at doesn't appear that he made it into the set's Riff-It cards for that episode.

"Wounded animal that large isn't good!"
So, what's new in this? Lenticular cards! Think Sportflix. These all highlight the MST3K 'Poopie' blooper tape.
Also new in this, Rock Climbing cards!

Rock climbing, Joel. Rock climbing.

If only there were a fourth series, we could also get Sandstorm cards.
Puzzle cards are also in this. There's a fairly random scene on the front, with 9 images on the reverse to form a complete puzzle. There's both promotional photos like this one, as well as some more Vance posters in this.
And here's a very familiar design for 1984 Topps fans! I'm not sure why they used 1984 for these, seeing as the show didn't debut until several years later. But that's definitely a nerdy complaint.

And there's Part 1!


  1. The Pumaman is one of my favorite MST3K episodes. Or should I pronounce it "the pyoo-MAY-man"?

  2. I kiss my frog in your honor